Finding things out is my passion.

Here I share cool Stuff about UX-Research with People

Let's talk about if Research findings lead to better products

As a UX-Researcher working with digital products, every day is about making research work.


This page is about:

  • What does it mean to "make research work"?
  • What are the best methods to do so?
  • What matters when designing, crafting & polishing your method mix for a project?

The content here is mainly aimed at fellow researchers. However, if you are a product owner, work in leadership or are just plain interested, you should find your fair share of content relevant to you.

i am Senana

15+ years of research experience

I started out as a cultural anthropologist + computer scientist, worked the field and ended up doing what I love, which is making software better.


Method Geek

I most enjoy the nitty gritty fine points of methodology, because if you want to find the really interesting stuff, more often than not you have to write you own research tool (or hack one).


Complexity, Uncertainty, Volatility & Ambiguity

Fun stuff, right? The real world is ultimately complex - meaning, what you know now might not be true tomorrow. Working with this is the ultimate challenge. Let's dig into it...


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