Santa Cruz 5010

Santa Cruz has given birth to more new bikes this year than seems possible for the little-big company. My count is nine completely new bikes and a handful of revisions to existing models. Plus there’s the Juliana line, which adds another five bikes to the tally.

This is incredibly impressive growth, but with so much bulb-flash it’s easy to miss some things, with some models sliding under the radar. One of those being the 125-millimeter travel Solo…I mean 5010.

Yeah, before we move on to talk about this fun, little undercover hero of a bike let’s talk about that name.

Santa Cruz Solo from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo.


When the bike was released in June the bike was called Solo and we were presented an opportunity to watch Steve Peat ‘go solo’. However, another bicycle manufacturer took issue with this name as they had a similarly-named bicycle. The end result? Santa Cruz had to take one on the chin, and be terribly good sports about it, as was proven by the fun little news blast that finished with the line, “Why “Go Solo” when you can “Go Intergalactic”.  Take it away boys…”